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Unpublished Paper
Jonathan Edwards: Educational Philosophy and Practice
  • Samuel J. Smith
Most narratives on Jonathan Edwards describe his life experiences, family, education, conversion, ministry, and missions work with the Indians.  They identify him as an intellectual, theologian, and scientist.  Some accounts note his significance as an apologist, especially as he argued against Enlightenment thought, deism, and Unitarianism.  Primarily, he is presented as the famed Great Awakening preacher.  There is yet, however, another prominent role Edwards has played, and that is in the field of educational philosophy.  Though usually granted only token attention in typical foundations of education textbooks, Edwards’ theory of knowledge and of learning is deserving of much deeper study in teacher preparation programs than it currently receives.  In addition, it is worth considering the notion that Edwards’ revivalism was instrumental in propagating the importance of the individual commoner in society and that—because of this—a movement was energized to educate the common person.    
  • Jonathan Edwards,
  • Colonial America,
  • Philosophy of Education,
  • History of Education
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Samuel J. Smith. "Jonathan Edwards: Educational Philosophy and Practice" (2018)
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