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Unpublished Paper
Thomas Aquinas: Theory of Knowledge and Learning
  • Samuel J. Smith
Though Thomas Aquinas’ theory of knowledge experienced a resurgence in Neo-Scholasticism—especially in traditional Catholic and in Protestant classical schools—its educational influence is currently minimal, limited to isolated pockets of educational traditionalism.  Why is this so?  An answer may be considered by examining the following: the historical context of Aquinas and of Scholasticism, Aquinas’ epistemological arguments related to the nature and acquisition of truth, the interplay of faith and reason in Aquinas’ theological arguments, and an assessment of Aquinas in light of current perspectives.  Such exploration will show that, while the ideas of Aquinas continue to be granted token acknowledgment in the study of educational history and philosophy, the applicability of these ideas is limited.
  • Thomas Aquinas,
  • Scholasticism,
  • Thomism,
  • Faith and Learning
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Samuel J. Smith. "Thomas Aquinas: Theory of Knowledge and Learning" (2018)
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