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Unpublished Paper
Philosophy of Ancient Athens
Philosophy of Education (2015)
  • Samuel J. Smith, Liberty University
“Know Thyself! The unexamined Life is not worth Living.” Whether you agree or not with Socrates’ claim that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” you cannot refute that Socrates, this ancient Athenian who lived four centuries before Christ, made a huge impact on the fields of philosophy and of education. Known primarily for his teaching method, Socrates was accused of riling up the youth of his time. When someone challenges others to think differently than the traditional ways that have been passed down, it sometimes upsets the apple cart, the power structure, the political system. And that’s exactly what Socrates did. 
  • Plato,
  • Aristotle,
  • idealism,
  • realism,
  • stoicism,
  • Epicureanism,
  • skepticism,
  • sophism
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Samuel J. Smith. "Philosophy of Ancient Athens" Philosophy of Education (2015)
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