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About Samuel R. Olken

Prior to joining the John Marshall faculty, Samuel Olken practiced business law with a small Boston law firm. He also served as a litigation associate with large firms in Los Angeles and New Jersey.
Professor Olken's primary research interests are constitutional history and judicial biography. He has written articles about Chief Justices John Marshall and Charles Evans Hughes, and most recently, Associate Justice George Sutherland. In addition, Professor Olken has written extensively about the New Deal Court, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century economic regulation, judicial review, and the First Amendment.
In 1991, the Supreme Court Historical Society awarded him its prestigious Hughes-Gossett Prize for outstanding historical scholarship. Professor Olken was the chair of the "Symposium on Chief Justice John Marshall and the United States Supreme Court: 1801-1835," hosted April 2000 by the law school. He was chair of the fall 2003 symposium, "Marbury v. Madison and Judicial Review: Legitimacy, Tyranny, and Democracy."
Professor Olken joined the faculty in 1989. He teaches American Legal History, Constitutional Law I and II, and Lawyering Skills.


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