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Racial and Ethnic Minority Students' Success in STEM Education
  • Samuel D Museus
  • Robert T. Palmer
  • Dina C. Maramba
  • Ryan J. Davis
This monograph provides educational researchers, policymakers, and practitioners with an overview of existing knowledge regarding factors that influence success among racial and ethnic minority students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) circuit. To accomplish this task, the authors reviewed more than four hundred books, book chapters, journal articles, and policy reports related to this topic. The opening chapter, "Introduction, Context, and Overview of the Volume," discusses the current condition of racial and ethnic minorities in STEM education, paying particular attention to racial disparities throughout the circuit. It also discusses the role of race in the experiences of racial and ethnic minorities in STEM. The following two chapters, "Factors in K-12 Education That Influence the Success of Racial and Ethnic Minority Students in the STEM Circuit" and "Factors That Influence Success Among Racial and Ethnic Minority College Students in the STEM Circuit," provide a comprehensive synthesis and analysis of the literature on the precollege and college-level factors that influence the success of students of color in the STEM circuit. The final chapter, "Implications for Future Research, Policy, and Practice in STEM Education," presents the Racial and Ethnic Minorities in STEM (REM STEM) model, which emerged from the authors' review of the literature, to serve as a framework to guide future research, policy, and practice. This concluding chapter also offers implications for future research, policy, and practice.
Publication Date
Summer June 1, 2011
Citation Information
Museus, S. D., Palmer, R. T., Davis, R. J., & Maramba, D. C. (2011). Special Issue: Racial and Ethnic Minority Students' Success in STEM Education. ASHE Higher Education Report, 36(6), 1-140. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.