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Asian American Students in Higher Education
  • Samuel D Museus, University of Denver
Asian American Students in Higher Education offers one of the first comprehensive analysis and synthesis of existing theory and research related to Asian American students’ experiences in postsecondary education. Providing practical and insightful recommendations, this sourcebook covers a range of topics including critical historical and demographic contexts, the complexity of Asian American student identities, and factors that facilitate and hinder Asian American students’ success in college. The time has come for institutions of higher education to develop more holistic and authentic understandings of this significant and rapidly growing population, and this volume will help educators acquire deeper and more intricate knowledge of Asian American college students’ experiences. This resource is vital for college educators interested in better serving Asian American students in their institutions.
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Key Issues on Diverse College Students
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Samuel D Museus. Asian American Students in Higher Education. New York(2013)
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