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Conducting research on Asian Americans in higher education
  • Samuel D Museus, University of Massachusetts Boston

This volume moves beyond pervasive oversimplified and preconceived notions about Asian Americans in higher education and offers new directions in studying this population. The authors highlight the complexities inherent in the realities of Asian Americans in higher education. Topics include: Deconstructing the Model Minority Myth and how it contributes to the invisibility minority reality in higher education research Disaggregating qualitative data from Asian American college students in campus racial climate research and assessment Administering and assessing culture-specific interventions to address culture-bound issues among Asian American college students Challenging the Model Minority Myth: engaging Asian American students in research on Asian American college student experiences Critical race theory and research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education Contextualizing Asian American education through critical race theory: an example of U.S. Pilipino college student experiences Using culturally sensitive frameworks to study Asian American leadersin Higher Education Rising to the challenge of conducting research on Asian Americans in higher education In addition to deconstructing common misconceptions that lead to the invisibility of Asian Americans in higher education research, they discuss methodological issues related to disaggregating data, assessing programmatic interventions, conducting campus climate research, engaging Asian American undergraduates in the research process, and using critical perspectives related to Asian Americans. They also discuss key challenges and future directions in research on this population.

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Museus, S. D. (Ed.) (2009). Conducting research on Asian Americans in higher education: New Directions for Institutional Research (no. 142). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.