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Unpublished Paper
Amphibious Warfare since World War II
  • Samuel W Bettwy, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

The development of amphibious warfare during World War II has changed the nature of warfare to the present day. In general, the development is significant because it has enabled a modern military organization to launch, or pretend to launch, a ground offensive from the sea against a shoreline, whether or not the shoreline is defended. During WWII, the United States' and the United Kingdom's advanced methods of amphibious warfare in the offense allowed them to establish a western war front, which led to decisive victory against Germany. Amphibious warfare in the defense significantly affected the United States' decision to use the atomic bomb to obtain a decisive victory. Since WWII, both the United States and the United Kingdom have continued to use amphibious warfare successfully.

  • Amphibious Warfare
Publication Date
February 7, 2000
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Samuel W Bettwy. "Amphibious Warfare since World War II" (2000)
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