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Multiferroic Operation of Dynamic Memory Based on Heterostructured Cantilevers
Advanced Materials (2015)
  • Tiberiu-Dan Onuta
  • Yi Wang
  • Samuel E. Lofland, Rowan University
  • Ichiro Takeuchi
Multiferroic heterostructures consisting of Pb(Zr0·52Ti0·48)O3 and Fe0.7Ga0.3 thin films are integrated on microfabricated Si cantilevers, and they are operated in a non-linear regime. Enhanced mechanical coupling at the multiferroic interface and tunability of the resonant frequency are used to devise bistable dynamic states that can be reversibly switched by both DC magnetic and electric fields.
  • multiferroic materials,
  • heterostructured cantilevers,
  • extended magnetic butterfly curves,
  • bistable dynamic states,
  • dynamic memory
Publication Date
January 14, 2015
Citation Information
Tiberiu-Dan Onuta, Yi Wang, Samuel E. Lofland and Ichiro Takeuchi. "Multiferroic Operation of Dynamic Memory Based on Heterostructured Cantilevers" Advanced Materials Vol. 27 Iss. 2 (2015) p. 202 - 206 ISSN: 0935-9648
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