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Family Contexts of Pubertal Timing
Journal of Youth and Adolescence (1985)
  • Stuart T. Hauser
  • Wendy Liebman
  • John Houlihan
  • Sally I. Powers, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Alan M. Jacobson
  • Gil G. Noam
  • Bedonna Weiss
  • Donna Follansbee
This study examined the influence of pubertal timing upon family interactions in normal and psychiatric adolescent samples. An important feature of our approach is its emphasis upon micro-analysis of family behaviors (individual speeches) and family processes (theoretically specified speech pairings). Rather than assume that global family patterns (e.g., power) shift in response to pubertal changes, we follow how types of speeches and speech sequences are associated with different pubertal timing. Using the previously constructed family coding system, the Constrainig and Enabling Coding System, we found that on-time adolescents and their parents differed from both off-time groups (early or late). These results are discussed in terms of current implications and suggestions for future research.
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DOI: 10.1007/BF02089237
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Stuart T. Hauser, Wendy Liebman, John Houlihan, Sally I. Powers, et al.. "Family Contexts of Pubertal Timing" Journal of Youth and Adolescence Vol. 14 (1985)
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