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Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review
Nursing Faculty Book Gallery
  • Cynthia R. King
  • Sally O Gerard, Fairfield University
  • Audrey M. Beauvais, Fairfield University

Co-editors: Cynthia R. King and Sally O. Gerard

Contributing author: Sally O. Gerard

Contributing author: Audrey Beauvais

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Sally Gerard is a co-editor as well as a contributing author, ""Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Injury Reduction (p. 79)" and "Ethical Considerations for Nurse Leaders, (p. 185). Audrey Beauvais is a contributing author in the 2nd edition, "“Illness and Disease Management.” Book description: The first and only resource of its kind, this review guide to the CNL certification exam stems directly from Dr. King's classroom, where she proposes students to take the exam and has achieved a 100% pass rate. The guide covers all aspects of the test, including basic test-taking skills, how to understand exam questions, multiple exam questions with answers and rationales, and content review of information derived from the AACN exam guide. The authors, who are noted CNL educators and practitioners, cover concepts of horizontal leadership, interdisciplinary communication and collaboration skills, and health care advocacy. They address care management, team coordination, illness/disease management, health promotion and disease prevention management, and advanced clinical assessment. The differences between health systems and the specific microsystems in which CNLs work are explored. The book also encompasses health care finance, economics, policy, informatics, ethics, and evidence-based practice as it is covered on the test. The material is presented in easily digestible sections that correspond to specific areas of the AACN exam guide. Multiple vignettes and unfolding case studies reinforce concepts. Also included is a sample test and eBook for test-taking practice.
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King Cynthia R. ., Gerard, Sally O. (2013) Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review. New York: Springer.

Gerard, Sally, O. (2013) "Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Injury Reduction." and "Ethical Considerations for Nurse Leaders" In Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review, New York, Springer.

Beauvais, Audrey. “Illness and Disease Management.” In Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review, 2nd edition edited by Cynthia King and Sally Gerard (2016).


Copyright 2013 and 2016 Springer

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Cynthia R. King, Sally O Gerard and Audrey M. Beauvais. "Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Review" (2013)
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