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Secure Multi keyword Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies (2015)
  • Ms. Pradnya H. Unde
  • Ms. Arti Mohanpurkar
Now a day, Data owner incentivizes to outsource their data on the cloud to get more flexibility. Cloud computing provides data outsourcing and high quality accommodation. For data security, the data owner provides encryption on their data. The data owners outsource their data on the cloud through which they reduces a cost and computational overhead quandaries. Considering the sizably voluminous number of data users and documents in the cloud, it is obligatory to sanction multiple keywords in the search request and return documents in the order of their suggestion to these keywords. Cognate works on searchable encryption fixate on single keyword search or Boolean keyword search, and virtually not ever sort the look for results. In subsisting system, for the first instance, the conundrum of privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranked search over encrypted data in cloud computing (MRSE) is define and solve. A set of several privacy desiderata for such a bulwarked cloud data utilization system are defined by proposed work. The server side ranking is according to the order preserving encryption (OPE) ineluctably leaks data privacy. Leakage quandary is solved by utilizing two round searchable encryption scheme and it withal fortifies to top-k multi keyword retrieval. In two rounds searchable encryption scheme involves vector space model and Homomorphic encryption. These propose work results are eliminating the data leakage and data security issues.
  • Cloud,
  • ranking,
  • cloud computing,
  • privacy preservation,
  • data privacy,
  • vector space model,
  • Homomorphic encryption
Publication Date
July, 2015
Publisher Statement

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Pradnya H. Unde and Arti Mohanpurkar. "Secure Multi keyword Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data" International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies (2015)
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