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Review Paper: Design of basic DMA Controller Using VHDL
IJAETS (2015)
  • Sakshi Sharma
  • Durgesh T
In this paper, an attempt has been made toreview the design of Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller using VHDL. Direct Memory Access is a method of transferring data between peripherals and memory without using the CPU. The 8237A Multimode DMA Controller is a peripheral interface circuit for microprocessor systems. It is designed to improve system performance by allowing external devices to directly transfer information from the system memory. Memory-to memory transfer capability is also provided. The 8237A offers a wide variety of programmable control features to enhance data throughput and system optimization and to allow dynamic reconfiguration under program control.
  • DMA,
  • VHDL,
  • IP Core
Publication Date
October, 2015
Publisher Statement

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Sakshi Sharma and Durgesh T. "Review Paper: Design of basic DMA Controller Using VHDL" IJAETS (2015)
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