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Applying RDA to digital resources metadata
Faculty Scholarship and Creative Works
  • Sai Deng, University of Central Florida
  • Peter Spyers-Duran, University of Central Florida
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  • Cataloging,
  • RDA,
  • Metadata description,
  • Cataloging rule,
  • Metadata standards,
  • CONTENTdm,
  • Islandora,
  • Digital library,
  • Content Management System,
  • Digital Asset Management System,
  • Digital repositories

Presented at the Florida Library Association 2015 Annual Conference, May 14, 2015, Orlando, FL.

This presentation will describe how Resource Description and Access (RDA) has been applied in cataloging, updating, and migrating digital resources at the University of Central Florida Libraries. Presenters will explain the similarities and differences of using RDA to catalog traditional serials in an Integrated Library System (ILS) and digitized serials and serial analytics in a Content Management System (CMS). Examples will be used to illustrate the issues of using RDA in conjunction with other metadata standards such as Dublin Core (DC) and Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) to catalog digital resources including digitized newspapers and monographs, such as: relating RDA core elements to the DC and MODS fields; treating analytical description; transcribing newspaper information; applying roles and vocabularies as specified in RDA; exhibiting work, expression, and manifestation relationship; and describing designator relationships. It will also address the typical changes made to convert old records to RDA in migrating them to new systems. This session will help catalogers and metadata librarians react to the changing cataloging rules and apply them in their daily work.
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Conference Presentation
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Orlando (Main) Campus
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Resource Description and Access; Descriptive cataloging--Rules; Metadata; Metadata--Standards; Digital libraries

Citation Information

Deng, S. & Spyers-Duran, P. (2015). Applying RDA to digital resources metadata. Florida Library Association 2015 Annual Conference. May 14, 2015, Orlando, FL.