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Approximation and Harmonization of Kosovo’s legislation with EU.pdf
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (2016)
  • Safet Beqiri

Inthisarticleispresentedasummaryanalysisoftheapproximationand  harmonizationofKosovo‘slegislationwithprimaryandsecondarylegislationof  the  EuropeanUnion,specificallywiththeEUacquis.Asapotentialcandidate  country,initspreparationstoapproachtheintegration,Kosovoshouldfocusonexaminingandanalyzingthelegislationonbilateralandmultilaterallevel.This  paperaimstoanalyzetheperspectiveofapproximationandharmonizationof  Kosovo‘snationallegislationwiththeEUacquiswithintheframeoftoolsor  methodsandotheractsthatacandidatecountryshoulduseandcreatean  institutionalstructureforadoptionoftheacquis.Theprocessoflegal approximationwillbeverychallengingforKosovogiventhecomplexityofthe  processandtheneededcapacitiesforlocalinstitutions.Nevertheless,a  comparative  advantageforKosovointhisprocessshouldberegardedthefactthat  thedraftingandreviewingprocess  of  the  legislation  is  supported  by  experts  from  international  and  localorganizations,althoughitisobviousthattherelack  ofcoordinationamongthem,whichoftencreatesalsoambiguitiesanddifficulties.
  • approximation and harmonization,
  • Kosovo,
  • European Union (EU),
  • legislation,
  • EU acquis,
  • European integration
Publication Date
Spring May 24, 2016
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
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