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Inflation monitor
  • Muhammad Farooq Arby
  • Fida Hussain
  • Safdar Ullah Khan

Although inflationary pressures persisted in the economy for the second year in a row, the headline inflation fell to 7.6 percent year-on-year in June 2006 that was 1 percentage point less than inflation in corresponding month last year.1 The inflation containment was more visible in the last six months of FY06 as compared to first six months (Jul 05 to Dec 05): the average CPI inflation during the first half of the year was 8.4 percent which declined to 7.4 percent in the second half primarily due to fall in food inflation. Inflation measured by sensitive price indicator also followed the trend of CPI and was recorded at 8.9 percent in June 2006 compared with 9.2 percent in the corresponding month last year. The wholesale price inflation was 9 percent in June 2006 which was lower than average inflation of more than 11 percent during the first six months of FY06; however, contrary to CPI and SPI, it was considerably higher than inflation of 6.2 percent in June 2005 (see Table 1.1).

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Publication Date
June 1, 2006
Published Version.

Arby, M. F., Hussain, F., Khan, S. U. (2006). Inflation monitor. State Bank of Pakistan, Economic Policy and Research Departments, pp. 1-44

© Copyright M. F. Arby, F. Hussain & S. Khan, 2006
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Muhammad Farooq Arby, Fida Hussain and Safdar Ullah Khan. "Inflation monitor" (2006)
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