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A numerical approach on Hiemenz ow problem using radial basis functions
Int. J. Industrial Math. (2013)
  • Saeid Abbasbandy
  • K. Parand
  • S. Kazem
  • A. R. Sanaei Kia

In this paper, we propose radial basis functions (RBF) to solve the two dimensional flow of fluid near a stagnation point named Hiemenz flow. The Navier-Stokes equations governing the flow can be reduced to an ordinary diferential equation of third order using similarity transformation. Because of its wide applications the ow near a stagnation point has attracted many investigations during the past several decades. We satisfy boundary conditions such as infinity condition, by using Gaussian radial basis function through the both diferential and integral operations. By choosing center points of RBF with shift on one point in uniform grid, we increase the convergence rate and decrease the collocation points.

Publication Date
Winter 2013
Citation Information
Saeid Abbasbandy, K. Parand, S. Kazem and A. R. Sanaei Kia. "A numerical approach on Hiemenz ow problem using radial basis functions" Int. J. Industrial Math. Vol. 5 Iss. 1 (2013)
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