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Homology Over Trivial Extensions of Commutative DG Algebras Repository
  • Luchezar L. Avramov, University of Nebraska
  • Srikanth B. Iyengar, University of Nebraska
  • Saeed Nasseh, Georgia Southern University
  • Sean Sather-Wagstaff, Clemson University
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Conditions on the Koszul complex of a noetherian local ring R guarantee that TorRi(M,N) is non-zero for infinitely many i, when M and N are finitely generated R-modules of infinite projective dimension. These conditions are obtained from results concerning Tor of differential graded modules over certain trivial extensions of commutative differential graded algebras.


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Luchezar L. Avramov, Srikanth B. Iyengar, Saeed Nasseh and Sean Sather-Wagstaff. "Homology Over Trivial Extensions of Commutative DG Algebras" Repository (2015) p. 1 - 14
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