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Compatibilization of PBT PPE blends using low molecular weight epoxy
Polymer Engineering Faculty Research
  • Sadhan Jana, The University of Akron
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Compatibilization of blends of an immiscible polymeric system consisting of poly(butylene terephthalate) (PBT) and poly(phenylene ether) (PPE) by a set of low molecular weight epoxy, varying in chain flexibility and functionality, was studied in terms of morphology and mechanical properties. Evidences, such as reduction of epoxide peak in FT-IR spectra and viscosity and glass transition temperatures higher than PBT of melt-blended materials of PBT–epoxy indicated formation of PBT–epoxy copolymers, which in turn compatibilized and stabilized the morphology in PPE–PBT–epoxy blends. Significant improvements in tensile and impact strengths resulted.
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Sadhan Jana. "Compatibilization of PBT PPE blends using low molecular weight epoxy" Vol. 42 (2001) p. 8681 - 8693
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