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About Saad A Khan Dr

I am a dentist with special interest in oral disease prevention and early diagnosis of disease. Currently I am working in department of Restorative Dentistry, engaged in using Novel Bio-photonics methods; Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and other fluorescence techniques aiding in diagnosis of oral diseases. The Bio-photonics Research Group focuses on creating novel experimental models using non invasive high resolution images in diagnosing dental caries, erosive lesions, dental oral lesions and assessment of various restorations.
I am currently to detect various stages of dental caries improving the diagnosis and excavation techniques within applied restorative dentistry. I further wish to carry on my research exploring Advanced imaging techniques assessing mineral density by using Micro CT, biochemical analysis using Micro Raman and using other molecular genome based bacterial profiling within Human Oral Microbiome Database (HOMD).


Present Faculty Member, University of Malaya

Research Interests

Caries Research, Disease prevention and Diagnosis, Oral Epidemiology, and Dental Education and Technology

Honors and Awards

  • PhD Scholarship
  • Biomedical Ethics Scholarship
  • Top position in BDS