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Fast Iterative Method (FIM) for Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear Systems
Information Sciences and Computing (2013)
  • SA Edalatpanah, University of Guilan
  • E Abdolmaleki

In this paper, a new iterative method is applied to find solution of the fully fuzzy linear systems. Furthermore, we show that in some situations that the existing methods such as Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and SOR are divergent, our proposed method is applicable . Finally, numerical computations are presented based on a particular linear system, which clearly show the reliability and efficiency of our algorithms.

  • Iterative methods; fast iterative methods; fully fuzzy; fuzzy numbers; fuzzy arithmetic; fuzzy linear equations.
Publication Date
Summer July 20, 2013
Citation Information
SA Edalatpanah and E Abdolmaleki. "Fast Iterative Method (FIM) for Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear Systems" Information Sciences and Computing (2013)
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