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Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Study
Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty Publications
  • Ryan E Spohn, University of Nebraska at Omaha
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The Consortium for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Nebraska Omaha was charged by the Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee to undertake a study of the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry. The primary goal of the study was to compare sex offender recidivism under the pre-LB 285 classification system that utilized risk levels derived from a psychological risk assessment instrument to sex offender recidivism under the post-LB 285 classification system utilizing Adam Walsh Act Tier Levels derived from offense severity. Additional goals include an overall examination of offender characteristics, victim characteristics, and offense characteristics among all individuals on the registry, as well as the relationship of these offender, victim, and offense characteristics with recidivism.
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Ryan E Spohn. "Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Study" (2013)
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