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Developing a Professional Profile
What We Wish We'd Known: Negotiating Graduate School (2015)
  • Ryan Skinnell
A professional profile is made up of the professional accomplishments one might catalogue on a curriculum vitae (CV), in addition to a person's visibility in his or her department(s) and field(s), and reputation as a colleague. In other words, a professional profile includes contributions to the expansion of knowledge, to the larger profession, and to one's local context. To a large extent, the choices that people make as members of their field construct perceptions of them in relation to their professional profile. It is, therefore, important for students to be mindful that their choices impact the way they are able to present themselves as professionals, and that students who make deliberate choices with their professional profiles in mind are better equipped to have some control over the direction of their careers than students who may be unaware professional profiles exist. 
  • mentoring,
  • graduate education,
  • peer-to-peer mentorship,
  • professional profile,
  • CV,
  • professionalization,
  • graduate school
Publication Date
Ryan Skinnell; Judy Holiday; Christine Vassett
Fountainhead Press
Citation Information
Ryan Skinnell. "Developing a Professional Profile" Southlake, TXWhat We Wish We'd Known: Negotiating Graduate School (2015)
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