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Pale In Comparison
Masters Theses 1911 - February 2014
  • Ryan A Macdonald, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Campus Access
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Degree Type
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
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  • narrative,
  • object,
  • tone,
  • white,
  • found,
  • domestic
People maintain histories through memory filtered through language to create fictions. My work involves the recording and incorporation of stories into audio and sculptural and installation, to reveal the structures that make up the fictions we exist within. For this exhibition, it is through a combination of disparate objects: fingers, furniture, potatoes and peach pits, stripped of their colors and humming with life that I am investigating my own fictions and their undeniable relations with others.
First Advisor
Susan E. Jahoda
Second Advisor
Young Min Moon
Citation Information
Ryan A Macdonald. "Pale In Comparison" (2011)
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