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Agency through teacher education: Reflection, community, and learning
Scholarship and Professional Work – Education
  • Ryan Flessner, Butler University
  • Grant R. Miller
  • Kami M. Patrizio
  • Julie R. Horwitz
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Agency through Teacher Education: Reflection, Community, and Learning addresses the ways that agency functions for those involved in twenty-first-century teacher education. This book, commissioned by the Association of Teacher Educators, relies on the voices of teacher education candidates, in-service teachers, school leaders, and university-based educators to illustrate what agency looks like, sounds like, and feels like for people trying to act as agents of change. These examples take the form of narratives, theoretical explorations, formal research studies, and reflective essays. Agency through Teacher Education does not seek to establish one definition for agency, but rather to conceptualize it from three perspectives: reflective practice, community engagement/activism, and organizational learning. The book seeks to explore ways stakeholders in- and outside the classroom become agents of change, as well as the traditional and non-traditional roles played out in teacher education programs across the United States.- Publisher Description


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Ryan Flessner, Grant R. Miller, Kami M. Patrizio and Julie R. Horwitz. Agency through teacher education: Reflection, community, and learning. (2012)
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