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Taking Stock: A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Restrictive Housing
Victims & Offenders
  • Ryan M. Labrecque, Portland State University
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Two competing views on the use of restrictive housing have emerged in the literature. The first position has argued that restrictive housing helps make correctional institutions safer and more secure environments, largely by incapacitating violent and dangerous inmates. In contrast, a second perspective has maintained that restrictive housing not only causes serious psychological damage and increases criminal coping, but also that it has served as a mechanism for officials to punish certain groups of inmates unfairly. This study tests these competing hypotheses by meta-analyzing the literature on the predictors of placement in restrictive housing. The results of this investigation provide support for both perspectives. The implications of the study’s findings are discussed.


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Labrecque, R. M. (2018). Taking stock: A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Restrictive Housing. Victims & Offenders, 13(5), 675–692.