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Development and Implementation of a Case Review Conference Model for Juveniles: A Structured Approach to Learning From Unsuccessful Probationers
Federal Probation (2012)
  • Paula Smith, University of Cincinnati
  • Ryan M. Labrecque, University of Cincinnati
  • W. E. Smith, University of Cincinnati
  • Edward J. Latessa, University of Cincinnati
The goals and objectives of the CRC were to facilitate the identification of key factors that result in each juvenile’s adverse outcome; to provide a forum in which corrections professionals could participate in an open discussion of the case in an effort to identify and address reasons for possible errors; to disseminate information and insights on case management developed by the CRC; and to reinforce individual and system-level accountability for high-quality interventions for youth and their families. The results of the CRC pertained to the identification of factors related to adverse case outcomes, development of a case plan, lack of communication across agencies, the coordination of care, the volume of activity and/or caseload, escalation of care, and recognition of a change in risk and/or need factors. Three recommendations are offered for future applications of CRC meetings in correctional settings. First, although it was to useful for the pilot CRC to establish the roles and responsibilities of CRC participants, in the future it will be important for probation departments to move beyond the identification of issues and work in order to develop and implement solutions to individual service and system-based problems. Second, it is important for probation officers to be included in the process in the future, so as to encourage the “educational spillover effect” described by Denneboom et al., (2008). Finally, the CRC should use an outside facilitator in order to increase expertise and unbiased assessment of the cases considered. 
Publication Date
December, 2012
Citation Information
Smith, P., Labrecque, R. M., Smith, W. E., & Latessa, E. J. (2012). Development and implementation of a case review conference model for juveniles: A structured approach to learning from unsuccessful probationers. Federal Probation, 76(3), 3-7.