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A geriatric education model for graduate entry students
Austin Journal of Nursing and Health Care (2015)
  • Abraham Ndiwane
  • Robin Klar
  • Omanand Koul
  • Kimberly Silver Dunker
  • Ruth Remington
  • Kathleen Miller
The United States is experiencing the onset of a “silver tsunami” as increasing numbers of adults reach age 65 over the next couple of decades. The expansion of this population will have a major impact on the health care system. To meet these older adults’ current and future health care needs, schools of nursing must prepare students in geriatric care at the pre-licensure and graduate levels. The Geriatric Internship Program at our graduate nursing school was one component of a larger project, Comprehensive Geriatric Nursing and Education across Settings I, designed to increase the knowledge of nursing students, faculty, and personnel to improve the quality of care for older adults. Students in the program increased their understanding of the complexities of geriatric care while making a commitment to further their education in advanced practice nursing specialties with this population focus.
  • nursing school
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Abraham Ndiwane, Robin Klar, Omanand Koul, Kimberly Silver Dunker, et al.. "A geriatric education model for graduate entry students" Austin Journal of Nursing and Health Care Vol. 2 Iss. 1 (2015) p. 1012
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