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Conserving the Canvas: reducing the environmental footprint of legal briefs by re-imagining court rules and document design strategies
J. ALWD (2010)
  • Ruth Anne Robbins
This article argues that the current system of court rules needlessly wastes natural resources because the required document design requires more paper usage than is needed or that is even optimal for reading rates. The article assumes that, even with electronic filing, most legal documents are still read in print form. It includes discussion and calculations about how a change in court rules and attorney practices could help reduce the environmental impact of briefs submitted in appellate courts. This article follows up a previous article, Painting With Print: Incorporating Concepts of Typographic and Layout Design into the Text of Legal Writing Documents, originally published at 2 J. ALWD 108 (2004) and available at The tone of this article deliberately matches its predecessor.
  • sustainability,
  • courts,
  • legal practice
Publication Date
Citation Information
7 J. ALWD 193 (2010).