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Introduction Process
It Works for Me Creatively (2011)
  • Russell Carpenter, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Shawn Apostel, Eastern Kentucky University
The authors’ purpose in this seventh book in the “It Works for Me” series is to demonstrate that “everyone possesses creative talent, though it may be latent in some and difficult to bring out in others. It’s not just a talent possessed by artists and engineers, mind you, but everyone.” Furthermore, “Creative people have figured out consciously or un- that a small seed of creativity can be made to grow by having the proper environment and a minimal set of skills. And people can be taught or self-taught this process.” The authors/editors also believe that “all creative ideas link themselves to other creative ideas to develop something new and useful, be it a concept, a process, or a product. In order to disseminate and perpetuate [their] belief that the creative impulse resides in all of us, [they] have asked a host of friends to demonstrate it with essays and practical tips touching on supportive creative environments, strategies that foster and enhance creativity, and assessments that demonstrate creativity has indeed taken place.”
  • teacher creativity,
  • higher education teaching learning creativity
Publication Date
Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet
New Forums Press
Citation Information
Russell Carpenter and Shawn Apostel. "Introduction Process" Stillwater, OklahomaIt Works for Me Creatively (2011)
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