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About Russell Phillip Callas

Mr. Russell Phillip Callas graduated from high school in 1973. After two years of studying pre-law, he chose to drop out of college and enter the working world. As the child of a military family, he moved every year, so when he began working construction he was finally able to purchase his first home high in the Colorado Rockies and settle down. In 1994, he began his own hauling business.

In 2011, Mr. Callas met Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi for the first time and received his first biofield energy transmission. Mr. Trivedi has the unique and miraculous capacity to harness and transmit universal energy anywhere in the world to both living and non-living materials for the purpose of optimizing their potential. This intelligent energy guides and sustains deep and transformational healing across all areas of life, and is known as The Trivedi Effect®. 

As a result of receiving regular biofield energy transmissions, Mr. Callas now feels he is part of something that is continually evolving, continually flowing, and is aware of himself simultaneously as both witness and participant in the divine flow of creation. His burdens have been lifted, and he feels his innate, god-given gifts and talents are now unfolding. He’s remarkably healthy and accomplishes a huge amount every day. His efficiency has heightened, as well as his stamina and strength. His business is more prosperous than ever, and most importantly, he feels more deeply connected to The Divine than he’s ever felt in his life.


Research Interests

Agriculture, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Materials Science, and Pharmaceuticals

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