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Unpublished Paper
Knowledge Leadership in Innovation and Creativity - A pioneering creativity conference in Pakistan
  • Rumman H Ahmad
This project focuses on the organization of Pakistan's first conference on corporate creativity and innovation. It will cover the objective of the conference, the process of organizing it and the learning derived from it. It is also the story of a journey of creative leadership, of discovering a potential for change, for pushing boundaries and achieving excellence, and for growing and learning. The conference, called Knowledge Leadership in Innovation and Creativity (KLIC), was a pioneering effort, with international presenters coming down to a country that is not one of the world’s most favored destinations. Its main objective was to introduce the topic of creativity to a corporate audience and generate interest and awareness on the subject. This objective was achieved to some extent and a few companies have already solicited proposals to help them use the creative process in order to bring about a change in their organizational climate. KLIC was also a great teacher. The foremost lesson it taught me was that big dreams can come true when backed by passion and belief. It also validated the CPS process that guided everything, from brainstorming the name to developing a fine-grained implementation plan. The conference has also helped crystallize some ideas to take creativity forward in the country. The whole team has also learned from its failures, such as the lack of a clear theme, last minute registrations, and technology crashes, and this learning will be applied to the next edition. However, the biggest outcome is that KLIC 2015 is already in planning with a vision to make it bigger and better than the first.
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Rumman H Ahmad. "Knowledge Leadership in Innovation and Creativity - A pioneering creativity conference in Pakistan" (2015)
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