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About Rudina Thanasi

Dr. Rudina Thanasi is a medical doctor specialized in Dermatolog Venerolog Cosmetolog has graduated Medical University in 2002 Carol Davila Bucharest Romania and received the Title Medical Doctor. She received the Title Specialist Dermatolog Venerolog in 2007 Colentina Hospital Carol Davila University. She is over specialized and have competency in Aesthetic Medicine, Endermology Peeling, Mesotherapy, Skin Surgery, Skin Histopathology etc. She has worked as a doctor for 15 years and as aesthetic trainer and has produced a reputation especially about her specialties Photoshop like Treatment, Stretch - marks treatment and Acne scars treatment.
She was introduced to Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi from a highly respected friend and Teacher in November 2009. She was amazed by the science in Cancer Cells, Autoimmune Disorders, Microbiology. From science, she knew those results where impossible but as a scientist, they were impossible to ignore. She immediately decided to try The Trivedi effect for herself in a remotely through a life webcast. The next day she realized she have had the best sleep of her life. She woke up refreshed, looking amazingly rejuvenated, and her sever sciatic nerve pain had disappeared permanently.
Her personal meeting with Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedy, and Gopal Nayak she describes as Phenomenal, Lucky, and permanent life changing perception. As Living and perceiving the world as In a Van Gog pictures. Kriptocrom protein perceptor in a “flee Fly" position was not just a revolutionary scientific article in Nature Magazine by Caltech Institute but a temporary lived reality.


Research Interests

Biofield, Pharamaceutials, and Material Science

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