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About Dr Rudi A Meir

Dr Rudi Meir AssocDipSptSc(NRCAE), BAppSc(CCAE), MA(Deakin), PhD(SCU)

General Research Interests:

* Sponsorship and marketing issues in professional sport franchises.

* Brand development and merchandising in professional sport.

* Managing the coaching/training environment.

* Thermoregulation and fluid status.

Current Research Projects (with possibility of supervising research students):

* Estimated body temperature and body mass changes in recreational and competitive surfers.

* Factors influencing squat performance between genders, and taller and shorter individuals.

* The efficacy of a workplace resilience intervention on employees during times of organisational change.
* Adolescent athlete attitudes toward performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).
* Non-formal learning engagement strategies in sport science education.


Present Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Health and Human Sciences

Contact Information

PO Box 157
Lismore, NSW
Australia, 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6620 3911
Fax: (+61 2) 6620 3880


Journal articles (72)