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Fluellen’s Foreign Influence and the Ill Neighborhood of King Henry V
Shakespeare and Immigration (2014)
  • Ruben Espinosa, University of Texas at El Paso

This essay considers Shakespeare’s attention to Fluellen’s foreignness in King Henry V amid the play’s exploration of a nebulous cultural/national English identity, and it argues that the play’s emphasis on cultural and religious difference serves to underscore Elizabethan England’s tenuous sense of self. The imagined English fellowship under God that Henry evokes is at odds with the divided community at the margins of his play and the fractured identity of Shakespeare’s own England. Through Fluellen, then, difference is marked as concurrently strange and surprisingly stable.

Publication Date
Ruben Espinosa and David Ruiter
Ashgate Publishing
Citation Information
Ruben Espinosa. "Fluellen’s Foreign Influence and the Ill Neighborhood of King Henry V" Burlington, VTShakespeare and Immigration (2014)
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