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About Roy Van Driesche

I am an entomologist, with a specialization in biological control of invasive species (insects and plants), with current work all centered on the impact of these pests on natural communities, mostly forests. I am interested in the impacts of invasive species on natural communities and the process of using introduced natural enemies from their native ranges to lower their population densities on the landscape. Topics of interest include parasitoid biology, evaluation of invader suppression by experimental and lifetable methods, assessment of nontarget impacts of biological control agents and ecological restoration of invader-damaged ecosystems, communities or species.
Currently, I have two active projects, one investigating the effects of Japanese knotweed on forest regeneration on river bars and the potential for biological control of this weed via introduction of specialized herbivorous insects from its native Japan. The other project is focused on the regulation of emerald ash borer populations by native and introduced parasitoids using life table estimations of population growth rates over time, with the purpose of evaluating changes in the insect’s life system and effects of three introduced Chinese parasitoids that attack the pest.


Present Professor, Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research Interests

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Contact Information

320 Agricultural Engineering Bldg
250 Natural Resources Road
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01821
Tel: 413-545-1061


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