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WILU 2018 Embedded Research Guides
Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (2018)
  • Roxanne Isard, Ms., Western University
  • Alison Wetheral, Western University
  • James Seale, Woodstock Public Library
  • Meagan Stanley, Western University
  • Matthew Barry
  • Margaret Sloan, Western University
Since we integrated Research Guides into our learning management system in 2016, access has increased by 71%. How can we improve the content within this resource? We will present the results of student usage surveys and interviews. These results will inform how we create Research Guides to support student research. 
  • Creative Thinking,
  • Information seeking behaviour,
  • Innovation,
  • libguides,
  • libraries
Publication Date
June 7, 2018
Citation Information
Roxanne Isard, Alison Wetheral, James Seale, Meagan Stanley, et al.. "WILU 2018 Embedded Research Guides" Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (2018)
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