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Unpublished Paper
Becoming a Managing Director (HEC Paris).pdf
HEC Working Papers (2016)
  • Roxana Barbulescu
  • Joanna Zapior
Over a period of three months in the fall of 2015 we confidentially interviewed a number of finance professionals. Our goal was to see how the process of promotion to Managing Director is experienced by the individuals being promoted and how those aspiring to be promoted think about it. From here, this study aims to understand to what extent a gap may exist between how the process is intended (by the management of the firm) and how it plays out in practice. This gap may lead to unintended consequences as described by both our respondents and the academic literature in the field.
  • Careers,
  • Investment banking,
  • Human resources management,
  • Professional Services Firms,
  • Gender
Publication Date
April 21, 2016
Citation Information
Roxana Barbulescu and Joanna Zapior. "Becoming a Managing Director (HEC Paris).pdf" HEC Working Papers (2016)
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