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The Hungry Mile and 'Maritime Invisibility'
  • Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
This is a 12pp. pamphlet published by the Sydney Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA). The author addresses the historic silence regarding the contributions of maritime workers to the history of Australia. His discussion focuses on Sydney's legendary waterfront precinct known as 'The Hungry Mile'. This pamphlet later became the basis of Chapter 47 in the Irving/Cahill book "Radical Sydney" (UNSW Press, 2010), pp. 335-347.
  • Rowan Cahill,
  • Hungry Mile,
  • maritime workers,
  • maritime unionism,
  • Sydney,
  • seamen,
  • wharfies,
  • Maritime Union of Australia,
  • MUA
Publication Date
August, 2006
Citation Information
Rowan Cahill. "The Hungry Mile and 'Maritime Invisibility'" (2006)
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