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Nest of Traitors
The Guardian (2003)
  • Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
A review of 'The Brisbane Line: A Reappraisal' (Upfront Publishing, Leicestershire, 2002) by Dr Drew Cottle (University of Western Sydney). Cottle's controversial book revisits the Brisbane Line controversy. He argues that elements of the Australian ruling class were prepared to come to a collaborative administrative arrangement with Japan in the event of the Japanese invasion of Australia during WW2.
  • Rowan Cahill,
  • Drew Cottle,
  • Brisbane Line,
  • WW2,
  • Japan,
  • Japanese,
  • Australia,
  • invasion,
  • ruling class,
  • traitors
Publication Date
July 16, 2003
Citation Information
Rowan Cahill. "Nest of Traitors" The Guardian (2003)
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