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Geo-Politics of a Soul: Rupert Lockwood, 1908-1997
Labour History (1997)
  • Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
A brief yet detailed account of the life and significance of Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997), Australian journalist, author, historian. During the Cold War, he was one of the best known, some would say 'notorious', Australian communists. Lockwood was the one of the few Australian journalists to report directly from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War, an experience that helped shape his politics.
  • Rupert Lockwood,
  • Rowan Cahill,
  • Natimuk,
  • Melbourne,
  • Herald,
  • Sir Keith Murdoch,
  • Spanish Civil War,
  • Cold War,
  • Document J,
  • Petrov Affair,
  • WWF,
  • Maritime Worker,
  • Communist Party of Australia,
  • ABC Weekly,
  • Progress
Publication Date
May, 1997
Citation Information
Rowan Cahill. "Geo-Politics of a Soul: Rupert Lockwood, 1908-1997" Labour History Iss. 72 (1997)
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