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Behind the Rhetoric
Education Links (2001)
  • Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
A contemporary critical account of changes taking place in the NSW state education system in the late 1990s-2001 under the leadership of Dr. Ken Boston, Director-General of Education and Training in NSW. The author argues that Boston's 'devolution' rhetoric masks a determined conservative and Rightist push to politically and ideologically centralise the education system and in the process emasculate teacher initiative, imagination, and enterprise.
  • Rowan Cahill,
  • education,
  • conservatism,
  • ideology,
  • Ken Boston,
  • devolution
Publication Date
Summer 2001
Citation Information
Rowan Cahill. "Behind the Rhetoric" Education Links Iss. 61/62 (2001)
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