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Missing in Action?
Radical Sydney/Radical History (2015)
  • Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
  • Terry Irving, University of Wollongong
The changing character of intellectual production: how university radicals have become vassals of global billion-dollar scholarly publishing empires; the necessity for radical scholars to break from this model; and the possibility of connecting with activism outside the university as one way of doing this.
  • universities,
  • scholarship,
  • publications,
  • academia,
  • academic writing,
  • radicals,
  • radicalism,
  • Rowan Cahill,
  • Terry Irving,
  • Raewyn Connell
Publication Date
May 19, 2015
Citation Information
Rowan Cahill and Terry Irving. "Missing in Action?" Radical Sydney/Radical History (2015)
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