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About Rowan Cahill

Rowan Cahill (b.1945) has worked as a farmhand, teacher, freelance writer, and for the trade union movement as a publicist, historian, and rank and file activist. In 1967 Cahill was a founder of the radical and innovative Sydney Free University (1967-1972); between 1969-1973, he was a member of the editorial board of 'Australian Left Review' (ALR), a bi-monthly journal of theory and practice published by the Communist Party of Australia. During this period, ALR had a pioneering role in introducing the work of Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) to Australian intellectual and political audiences. From 1970 to 1972, Cahill was employed by the militant Seamen's Union of Australia (SUA) as a journalist and historian. A graduate of the universities of Sydney, New England (NSW, Australia),and Wollongong, Cahill has published extensively in labour movement, radical, and academic publications. As a classroom teacher, he was a prolific contributor to education debate via contributions to non-academic publications, particularly 'Education', journal of the NSW Teachers Federation. Between 2001 and its final issue in December 2006, Cahill was a regular contributor to, and Picket Line Correspondent for, the internationally acclaimed Sydney based labour movement online journal 'Workers Online'. In 2013 he was awarded a doctorate by the University of Wollongong (NSW) for his dissertation "Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997): Journalist, Communist, Intellectual". In 2014, Cahill was awarded the 'Professor Jim Hagan Memorial Prize' by the University of Wollongong for this dissertation. Currently he is an Honorary Fellow with the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong.


Present Faculty Member, University of Wollongong


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