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Identifying cognitive processes important to mathematics learning but often overlooked
2009 - 2017 ACER Research Conferences
  • Ross Turner, ACER
Start Date
16-8-2010 2:45 PM
End Date
16-8-2010 4:00 PM
This presentation introduces a set of mathematical competencies that deserve to be given more attention in our mathematics classrooms, on the grounds that the possession of these competencies relates strongly to increased levels of mathematical literacy. The presenter argues that widespread under-representation of these competencies among the general populace contributes to unacceptably large measures on the mathematics terror index. The argument in support of these competencies comes out of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). It is based on the results of research conducted by members of the PISA mathematics expert group. That research will be described, the competencies under discussion will be defined, and the case for greater emphasis on these competencies will be made.
Citation Information
Ross Turner. "Identifying cognitive processes important to mathematics learning but often overlooked" (2010)
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