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Freestores: What, Why, and How
USU Extension Publication
  • T. Durr
  • Roslynn Brain, Utah State University
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Utah State University Extension
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Everyone seems to generate some sort of unwanted possession over the years, whether it be clothes they no longer wear, appliances they no longer use, or books they no longer read. While throwing unwanted items like this away in the trash is convenient and simple, it adds to the amount of solid waste found in landfills and the natural environment. Furthermore, it wastes potentially valuable resources that could be used by others.

A viable alternative to disposing of unwanted possessions in the trash is to donate them to a freestore to be used by others, or if one does not already exist in your area, implementing one for the benefit of the community.

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Derr, T. & Brain, R. (2012, September). Freestores: What, why & how. USU Extension Publication: sustainability/2012/10pr. Available at: