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Reuse: Creating a Next Life For Common Items
USU Extension Publication
  • Roslynn Brain, Utah State University
  • H. Waldbillig
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Utah State University Extension
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If you are looking for ways to save money and add creative flair to your daily life, reusing everyday items you are likely to throw away could be the answer! We produce an average of 4.4 pounds each of trash a day in the U.S., which amounts to 1,600 pounds per person each year (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011). This yearly waste produced by each one of us is more than the typical weight of a Bison, America’s largest land animal! Often overshadowed by recycling, reusing is a zero-impact technique for waste prevention. By using a product or item in its original form more than once, you save energy, transportation time, and fuel needed for both recycling and waste management.
Citation Information
Brain, R. & Waldbillig, H. (2012, October). Reuse: Creating a next life for common items. USU Extension Publication: sustainability/2012/11pr. Available at: