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Molecular-Genetic Mapping of Zebrafish Mutants with Variable Phenotypic Penetrance
PLoS ONE (2011)
  • Roshan A Jain, University of Pennsylvania
  • Marc A Wolman, University of Pennsylvania
  • Lauren A Schmidt, University of Pennsylvania
  • Harold A Burgess
  • Michael Granato, University of Pennsylvania
Forward genetic screens in vertebrates are powerful tools to generate models relevant to human diseases, including neuropsychiatric disorders. Variability in phenotypic penetrance and expressivity is common in these disorders and behavioral mutant models, making their molecular-genetic mapping a formidable task. Using a ‘phenotyping by segregation’ strategy, we molecularly map the hypersensitive zebrafish houdini mutant despite its variable phenotypic penetrance, providing a generally applicable strategy to map zebrafish mutants with subtle phenotypes.
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Roshan A Jain, Marc A Wolman, Lauren A Schmidt, Harold A Burgess, et al.. "Molecular-Genetic Mapping of Zebrafish Mutants with Variable Phenotypic Penetrance" PLoS ONE Vol. 6 Iss. 10 (2011)
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