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About Rose Marie Rine P.T., Ph.D.

Rose Marie Rine, P.T., Ph.D. has been an Associate Professor in the School of Physical Therapy since 2013. Dr. Rine received her Ph.D. in 1992 from Northeastern University. She received her M.S in 1984 and her B.S. in 1973 from University of Connecticut.
Her research/scholarly interests are in postural and motor control, particularly the role of vestibular function in motor development and postural control; efficacy of vestibular rehabilitation for children, correlation of dynamic balance (function and development) with gait abilities.
Dr. Rine’s teaching philosophy is that “The physical therapist is an integral part of the health care system, being a provider of direct care, an educator of patients, families and communities and a consumer and producer of research related to clinical practice. The health care system is dynamic due to advancement in the sciences and medical and health interventions, changing societal practices and expectations, and administrative and fiscal changes in the provision of health care. To assure that students are prepared to successfully fulfill the multiple and every changing roles, educational programs and faculty should provide an educational environment and process that facilitate the student’s ability to gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for professional excellence, to include optimal patient care, life-long learning and contributions to the profession and professional knowledge base. The role of research, its importance in the preparation of clinicians and growth of the profession cannot be underestimated, as appropriate growth and change in the profession and the individual practitioner can only be achieved by a thorough understanding of processes, the courage and skill to examine the efficacy of the processes and optimal solutions to assure best patient care. As a faculty member I am responsible for mentoring students by emulating professional practice and behaviors and guiding their growth and pursuit of professional excellence. The student, in turn, must accept the responsibility for personal and professional growth and development.”


Present Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy, Marshall University
Present President & Director of Research and Training, Specialty Therapy Source LLC

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Mentor of the Year Award, University of North Florida, 2010
  • Research Award, University of North Florida 2008, 2009, 2010
  • APTA Section on Pediatrics Research Award. February, 2002
  • "Innovative Teaching Award"; 1990 University of Miami
  • Teacher of the Year Award 1990, University of Miami, School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy
  • Expert in national initiative (2001), The Center for Early Intervention Professionals in Hearing Impairment (CEIP-HI)
  • Adjunct Clinical Associate, Eunice Kennedy-Shriver Center University Affiliated facility Physical Therapy Department 1986 - 1987, 1987 - 1988
  • Phi Kappa Phi, current member
  • Central Massachusetts AHEC Grant Project Director, Survey and Educational programming for Central District, Massachusetts Chapter, APTA 1983

Contact Information

phone: 304-696-5619


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