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Demystifying Open Access Workshop
Library Events and Research Institutes
  • Rose Fortier, Marquette University
  • Heather G. James, Marquette University
  • Martha G. Jermé, Marquette University
  • Patricia Berge, Marquette University
  • Rosemary Del Toro, Marquette University
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Among the avenues for sharing research and scholarship, open access journals offer an increasingly viable and important option. However, it can be challenging not only to identify these journals but also to evaluate their quality and reach, as well as to weigh the benefits of publishing in them. To help demystify this process, Raynor Memorial Libraries offered a workshop on evaluating open access journals. Aimed at faculty, graduate students, and others interested in publishing their academic work, the workshop offered an overview of current open access options for sharing research, criteria to help assess the rigor and reliability of open access journals, and tips for navigating related copyright issues.
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Rose Fortier, Heather G. James, Martha G. Jermé, Patricia Berge, et al.. "Demystifying Open Access Workshop" (2015)
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